Bike4Chai Second Annual Event to Leave from Jersey Shore Tomorrow


bike4chaiOver 100 riders will be participating in the second annual Bike4Chai event, this Wednesday and Thursday, August 3 and 4, trekking 150 miles from the Jersey Shore to Camp Simcha in Glen Spey, NY. Their efforts will benefit Chai Lifeline’s mission to restore the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended with a life-threatening diagnosis. Each summer, Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special treat 430 ailing children from around the globe to unforgettable, overnight camp experiences. At season’s end, they return home with profound friendships, meaningful memories and restored spirits that renew their determination to fight illness all year long.

Last summer’s Bike4Chai campaign featured 40 riders and successfully raised $206,000. This year’s bike tour is on track to meet its even more ambitious goal of $500,000. Coordinators have redesigned the route to welcome participation in 50-mile, 75-mile or century rides on day one and an additional 50 miles on day two that will conclude with a grand entrance into Camp Simcha. The event promises to deliver an intense experience.

The second annual event will boast 100 cyclists from Brooklyn, Lakewood, Deal, Monsey, the Five Towns and beyond.

“By making this remarkable commitment, riders earn the respect of their wives and children, as well as the admiration of friends and associates,” noted Reb Eli Zaks, who completed the 2010 ride and is looking forward to the 2011 event.   

The trek from the Jersey Shore to Camp Simcha is a massive undertaking. The first day, riders will traverse 112 miles over eight hours, scale 6,000 feet, pedal 172,800 times and burn 5,500 calories. Thankfully, each rider has undergone extensive training during the past months and weeks to physically and mentally prepare for the challenging ride ahead. He has navigated multiple practice routes designated as guided opportunities to build strength, stamina and speed and created a comprehensive nutrition plan to replenish and maintain his energy reserves. 

A recent pre-ride barbecue built anticipation, as veteran riders relived last year’s highs and lows.  They vividly recalled how they achieved speeds of 20-25 miles per hour at first, but encountered “Mount Everest” at the 50-mile. Even when resorting to walking their bikes uphill, they caught themselves falling backwards. At that point, the group realized that they were in for the hardest ride of their lives. Thankfully, the extensive preparations served the bikers well. SAG, medical and mechanical support were available every step of the way. Pre-determined rest stops allowed riders to catch their breath and replenish their energy and electrolytes with a variety of snacks.  

Day two defied description. Together, bikers crossed the final miles and were welcomed into camp amid sirens, Segways, and helicopters. Shortly before the finish line, the group encountered dozens of campers in wheelchairs and inquired about their presence. With sheer excitement on their faces, they eagerly replied that they wanted to ride in together. Children and staff lined the road to greet the riders in an emotionally-charged reception. Music blared and there was singing and dancing in the street as campers expressed their thanks with hugs and hi-fives. At that moment, all the effort invested in the race was suddenly justified. 

For the second year in a row, cyclists are gearing up to put the pedal to the metal.

{Noam Newscenter}


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    what do the people do about showering in the 9 days?

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