‘Biggest Bubble In History Of Mankind’: Ron Paul Says US Stock Market Will Soon Plunge By 50%


The recent jump in Treasury bond yields indicates that the US is barreling towards a potential recession and market meltdown at an increasingly fast pace, according to former Republican congressman Ron Paul.

The former congressman acknowledged that his previous predictions of a downturn haven’t come to pass, but said that it’s just a matter of time, based on the looseness of US monetary policy since the 2008 financial crisis.

“I know it’s going to happen,” Paul said. “It will come, and the bubble is bigger than ever before.”

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  1. Just in folks. Jews happier. Trump making sense.

    Ron Paul restless. The canary in his magic trick mine is dead. The world has more favor for just the jewish survival.

    Hard war.

    Beautiful goy. Make the world turn faster. To you.

    Are we smart or not.

  2. So who really was responsible for bringing down the Twin Towers?
    Ron is a certified nut-case. His son Rand is not that far behind.

  3. The economy must expand and contract. A recession is always somewhat inevitable. So, to say it’s coming but not to say when, is taking credit for when it happens while not being wrong when it didn’t happen yet.

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