Big News: Krembo Will No Longer Wrap in Aluminum Packaging


Strauss (owned by Unilever) has announced a significant change to the beloved Krembo. They will no longer be wrapping the krembo in the famous iconic aluminum packaging. The krembo will now be sold in packs of 8 in hard plastic packaging with the krembo inserted directly within with no aluminum wrap. Strauss says that they have been testing the formula and are now confident that the krembo will stay fresh like this. The krembos sold in the larger packages will not yet be sold like this but will undergo further testing to ensure freshness as they presumably sit for longer.

Here is a video showing the new production line:

Strauss claims that this change will save more than 13 tons of aluminum per year – this translates to 6000 kilometers of aluminum.

When you buy individual krembo in the makolet, that is presumably just the makolet remoiving the krembo from the large boxes and selling them individually, as Strauss does not market them individually. For now, coming out of the big packages, these individual krembo should still have their aluminum wrapping. When Strauss changes over the larger packages as well, either the makolets will have to stop selling individual krembo or it will be kind of disgusting buying individual krembo that isnt wrapped and likely was touched or even licked by half the kids in the neighborhood.

While Strauss is saving a lot of aluminum from the environment, they are increasing the use of disposable plastic, between the hard plastic container and then the plastic packaging the box will be covered with. I don’t know which is worse for the environment – aluminium wrap or plastic (the hard plastic box together with the plastic packaging). Searching online seems to indicate that foil is a bit worse than plastic cling wrap, but I am not sure how it compares to this.

As an aside, Strauss says no employees will be laid off due to this change. Until now employees hand wrapped each krembo in foil. Those employees will be moved to other marketing lines in the company.

Also as an aside, and supposedly nothing to do with the wrapping change, the price of krembo is going up. Strauss says it is due to increases in minimum wage and increases in prices of the various components that go into the krembo.

Source: Ynet, Life in Israel


  1. It has nothing to do with having less waste because instead of aluminum foil-as stated in the above article, plastic will be used instead. It seems to have to do with workers who have to hand wrap each crembo, which costs the company a lot of money in salary. But so the company should look good they are saying that the reason they are switching over is to save on aluminum waste.
    A real”fake” reason!


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