BIG HEADED BARACK: There’s Hope ‘if We Can Train A Million Baracks And Michelles’


Former President Barack Obama said Monday these are “challenging times” but he remains hopeful because of the next generation of leaders that he aims to guide.

Touching on his “third act,” the 44th president spoke at Bell MTS Place about how he plans to create a “university for social change” that will serve as a hub for young people in the U.S. and around the world who are skeptical of the “old institutions.”

“If we train them — if we give them skills, support, financing, media training, spotlights, then they’re the ones that are going to carry forward the solutions that we so desperately need,” Obama said.

“If we could form a network of those young leaders, not just in the United States, but around the world, then we got something,” he said, adding, “if we can train a million Baracks and Michelles who are running around thinking they can change the world” hope is achievable.

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    • Robert, do you have a more recent article to keep his memory alive when he’s not been seen in public for so many months?

  1. I think the royal couple should move back to Kenya and make sure every Kenyan citizen has flush toilets at their disposal.

  2. He should be sure to teach these future leaders to be as humble as he is.

    Based on the applause he is getting maybe he would like to stay in Canada. They are welcome to him.

    On a more serious note a world full of leaders based on his model would be apocalyptic.

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