Biden’s Latest Gaffe: “White Man Can Jump”


bidenThis will sure help in 2016. While attending a Black History Month event on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden defended his basketball skills, telling the audience “I may be a white boy, but I can jump.”

While at the event, Biden also unloaded on voter-ID bills in Southern states, saying “These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away. The zealotry of those who wish to limit the franchise cannot be smothered by reason.” Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I like Joe. Well meaning comments. A man with a higher privilege. We should as Israelites be very happy to know that a man like Joe has the connectivity to bring about higher smiles on many faces. This man is a fellow of human trust in a good hope and clearly a higher power. Joe is a major asset to American Jurisprudence. A great mind.

  2. Nothing wrong with such a joke. White man can jump just means that despite the fact that black guys are much better generally in basketball, he could jump just the same (of course he cant, its a joke)

    A man can make a joke like that. nothing wrong.

  3. It says ” lev sorim b’yad Hashem”, that those in power, do not control their minds. If Biden were to win in 2016, we will have say he also has no control over his mouth either!


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