Biden To Voters: ‘This Isn’t Your Father’s Republican Party’


bidenVice President Joe Biden emphasized the stark changes he believes have changed politics today, saying that the GOP had become unrecognizable from the party he once knew.

“This is not your father’s Republican party. This is a different party than I’m used to,” Biden said CBS’s on Face the Nation.

Biden said the Republican electorate has changed, forcing their party’s leaders and lawmakers further to the right.

The vice president pointed to many newer members of Congress, saying they had blocked efforts to work with Democrats. Even though “the idea of compromise is alive and well in Congress” the “minority of the Republican party control[s] Congress, [so] there is no room for compromise,” said Biden.

“It really is different… I think the leadership of the Republican party is prepared to work with us, but it’s sort of the tail wagging the dog,” he said.

But the electorate at least knows what they are getting in this extreme environment, said Biden. Biden believes that without the prospect of compromise in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans are being straight forward about their goals for the nation.

“This is the first time Republicans aren’t hiding the ball,” he said. “They’re just saying straight up what they believe and in that sense this is going to be a very stark choice the American people are going to have.”

{The Hill/ Newscenter}


  1. The truth is that the Democrat party of today is also, or maybe even more so, NOT the same Democrat party of many years ago.

    It is well known how, already in the late 1970’s — well over 30 years ago — Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT’L, would often strongly condemn officials of the Democrat party and their liberal policies. At one point in the early 1980’s, I noticed that a letter was posted on the bulletin board in his shul that stated the following.

    For many years, the Democrat party was known as the party of the “working man,” i.e. the “little guy.” Therefore, during that era, Jews, many of whom were immigrants or children of immigrants and were thus struggling to establish themselves, identified with the Democrat party. Therefore, the saying was: “Jews vote Democratic.”

    However, people today do not realize that today (again, this was already in the early 1980’s), it is not the same Democrat party! For the current Democrat party has been taken over by people of the radical left. Their goals are to promote the most radical leftist agendas, including the promotion of Toeiva (so-called) “rights” and (now) Toeiva (so-called) “marriage.”


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