Biden Takes His Time On Presidential Decision


Former Vice President Joe Biden is taking his time making a decision about entering the 2020 race.

Biden, who earlier this year said he expected to make a decision on a third White House bid by the end of the year, is extending his timeline.

During an appearance in Montana last week to promote his book, he said a decision would come in the next two months. Biden also said he was “the most qualified person in the country to be president.”

“I’ve been doing this my whole adult life, and the issues that are the most consequential relating to the plight of the middle class and our foreign policy are things that I have — even my critics would acknowledge, I may not be right, but I know a great deal about it,” he said, according to CNN.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. With Democrats and RINOs as the minority, he has to investigate if voter ID will be implemented or he’ll be able to have enough fraud and the help of the CIA to push it through.

  2. Gaffemeister, gaffemeister goof me a gaffe
    Make us all laugh
    Your wit’s but a half
    Gaffemeister, gaffmeister you’re such a crook
    Just ask the Brit whose speeches you took

  3. “Promote his book”?
    What book? Does he know how to write? Can he even read?
    Yes, Uncle Joe. Please take your time mulling over your decision. Don’t rush. It’s not worth it. You let us know when your ready. We’ll clear the decks for you. Bernie and the boy’s agreed to wait until you’ve come to a final decision. Re-discuss it with your family and loved ones. You don’t want to make any rash decisions.

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