Biden Slams Trump Immigration Policies: ‘It’s About Xenophobia’


Former Vice President Joe Biden slammed President Trump’s immigration policies on Tuesday at a discussion at the University of Pennsylvania.

“It’s about xenophobia,” he said. “This is not healthy.”

He particularly criticized the administration’s end to a program that allowed minors from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to file asylum claims from their own countries. He said that this would cause fewer people to show up at the border.

He said that the president tries to “demagogue” the issue.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Trump is smart. We need a wall. It seems the only way. Beyond crime, these illegal immigrants act into the days of our citizens either crime or shallow work. They are of very weak affect and health and their manners infiltrate the subconscious of the American Ideal.

    It is a hardship and a horror and they have more than enough dignity of the wage if they stay in their nation and actually build where things are a mess. The more idiots that leave your nation the more jobs unfilled and the less national history.

    Let the idiot. He has a mess of a plan. But wise to best remove the illegal immigrant. G-d does not suffer the nation that has good eye and sight. Keep it America.

  2. Perhaps Biden would like to try living in a fully integrated neighborhood, with 13 blacks, the correct number of Latinos, some registered sex offenders, some homeless, appropriate number of people below poverty line, etc., etc., etc., instead of “knowing” one Somali cabbie. THEN he could talk.


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