Biden on Minors at Border: ‘These Are Our Kids’


Was8855751Vice President Biden asked attorneys and legal groups Wednesday to consider representing unaccompanied children who are captured at the border after fleeing violence in Central America, USA Today reports.

Speaking to invited guests at the White House complex, Biden told the group that Americans shouldn’t think of these migrants as someone else’s children: “These are our kids.”

While many children will seek asylum in the United States, Biden said that many children will have to be sent back to their homes, and deserve legal representation in any case.

“We need lawyers, we need trained lawyers, to determine whether or not these kids meet the criteria for refugee status,” Biden said. “And it’s hard, it’s going to be really hard.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. And to think that Uncle Joe is a heartbeat away from becoming President! Frightening!
    What a classic Liberal! Lecturing everyone else! Let’s see this dunce take these “children” into HIS house!


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