Biden: Obama Wants GOP-Supported Justice


In President Barack Obama’s search for a Supreme Court justice to replace recently deceased Antonin Scalia, he’s reportedly seeking someone who has had Republican support in the past.

In a radio interview, Vice President Joe Biden gave the first hint at Obama’s plans.

“In order to get this done, the president is not going to be able to go out—nor would it be his instinct, anyway—to pick the most liberal jurist in the nation and put them on the court,” Biden told a Minnesota radio station. “There are plenty of judges (who) are on high courts already who have had unanimous support of the Republicans.”

Any nominee must be confirmed by the Senate, where Republicans currently hold a majority. Several Republicans have argued that Obama should leave the decision to the next president, but Biden said: “To leave the seat vacant at this critical moment in American history is a little bit like saying, ‘God forbid something happen to the president and the vice president, we’re not going to fill the presidency for another year and a half.'” Read more.



  1. Spin and distort as he will, Vice President Biden can’t get away from the fact that Republicans now have a Senate majority. No more contemptuously dismissing Republican objections with “I won”. No filibuster-proof supermajority in the Senate or parliamentary maneuver in the House strategy as was used to pass Obamacare. And now President Obama “regrets” pulling a filibuster to oppose Justice Alito solely for political reasons.
    I happen to think that the Republicans should allow a straight up-and-down vote on Obama’s nominee. But if they do filibuster, Obama’s beef has zero legitimacy – he’s merely reaping exactly what he’s sown.


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