Biden Keeps 2020 Options Open


Joe Biden has been saying yes to nearly all the political invitations coming his way, with new ones arriving almost daily. Privately, the former vice president and his staff have started talking about how to begin planning a strategy with a roughly 18-month timeline so that if he decides on another presidential run, he’ll be best positioned to get it off the ground.

Biden spent his first few months out of office getting his centers up and running at the University of Delaware and the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on his cancer moonshot initiative, spending time at his grandchildren’s soccer and lacrosse games. He’s written a little of the book that he’s signed to do, though he keeps agreeing to more events for time that’s supposed to be blocked out for him to work on it.

Biden will be 77 by the time of the next Iowa caucuses, but Biden 2020 just might happen. Read more at POLITICO.




  1. Nebach. Uncle Joe is hallucinating. Someone has got to get a hold of him and make sure he doesn’t leave his seat at the dog track. He can’t keep getting lost like that, and besides he’ll miss his free matinee lunch. Please stop reporting anything about this weirdo. It’s pashut not kavod habrius.

  2. Biden Keeps 2020 Options Open

    Of course he does. Unless he really wants to retire and be left alone why wouldn’t he keep his options open?

    It would only be news if he explicitly announced that he will no longer be active or involved in politics and is removing himself completely from the public eye


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