Biden: ‘I’ll Be Much More Mindful’ About ‘Personal Space’


Former Vice President Joe Biden released a video on social media today saying that he’ll be much more “mindful” of people’s personal space in the future after facing multiple accusations of inappropriate touching, CNBC reports.

“In my career I’ve always tried to make a human connection, that’s my responsibility,” Biden said in the video. “Whether they’re men, women, young, old—it’s the way I’ve always been. It’s the way I try to show I care about them and I’m listening… It’s just who I am.”

The potential 2020 contender also recognized that “social norms” have changed. “They’ve shifted, and the boundaries in protecting personal space have been reset. And I get it,” he said. “I’ll be much more mindful and will respect it.” Read more at CNBC.



  1. “I’ll Be Much More Mindful About Personal Space” is the most accurate statement about Biden in a lonnnng time.

  2. (Big League Politics) – Former special counsel Robert Mueller “exhausted” his investigation into President Donald Trump’s non-existent Russia collusion in December 2017, but kept the investigation going for more than a year even though he was warned that he was impeding President Trump’s ability to govern the United States of America.
    “By early December, he had exhausted all of the evidence and the witnesses,” President Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd said of Mueller in Dowd’s recent interview with journalist Byron York, as reported by the Citizen Free Press.
    “I said, look, what basis do you have to do it? We’re not afraid of a grand jury subpoena. You want to do it, you’ve got yourself a war and you’re going to lose it. There’s no way Mueller could win that. I think he concluded that, even with all the firepower he had on his side, I think they knew they couldn’t do it. I think they thought they might scare us into it, but we were not going to go there.”
    “I asked, what’s the president’s status? Mueller said he’s a witness-slash-subject. And I said, you mean he has no exposure? He said that’s right. So I knew then for sure, by inference, that Mueller had nothing to proceed on in the collusion and conspiracy area,” Dowd said.
    So now we know that the Operation Crossfire Hurricane conspirators allowed the media narrative to continue through the 2018 midterms with no evidence. Would that qualify as election interference?
    Dowd reportedly warned Mueller that he was interfering with the president’s governance. President Trump never tried to invoke executive privilege to protect himself, and Rod Rosenstein was compromised by his own conspiring against Trump, forcing him to go along with the Mueller plot, according to insiders.

  3. Joe is alright. He’s a harmless little fuz ball. He’s everyone’s favorite uncle. Yeh, he’s a little goofy at times but we love him all the same.

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