Biden: I Regret Not Being President


Former Vice President Joe Biden late Friday night voiced regret about his decision not to run for president, predicting if he had secured the Democratic nomination he could have won against Donald Trump, THE HILL reports.

“I had planned on running for president and although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won,” he said. “I don’t know, maybe not. But I thought I could have won.”

“I had a lot of data and I was fairly confident that if I were the Democratic Party’s nominee, I had a better than even chance of being president,” Biden continued.

Biden explained that he didn’t regret the time he was able to spend with his son Beau Biden, who later died after battling cancer.

“But do I regret not being president? Yes,” Biden said. “I was the best qualified.”

His remarks came during a speech at Colgate University in Hamilton New York. Read more at THE HILL.


  1. What a lying skunk! He bailed out to Hillary because the corrupt DNC Chair, Debbie Blabbermouth Wasserman, was threatened by the Clintons, to make sure that Hillary is the first woman to become President. Biden, being the low self esteem schmuck that he is, did what all good Democrats do, circle the wagons for their anointed one. Screw the disenfranchised voters. It’s all about the insiders. This Biden loser is part of the corrupt swamp in Washington that has to be flushed out.

  2. Anyone was a better candidate than Hillary. The fact that he was intimidated into walking away from a sure nomination indicates that he’s not qualified to be our commander in chief.


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