Biden: ‘I Am Sick And Tired Of This Administration’


Former vice president Joe Biden on Tuesday issued a sharp rebuke of President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, telling a crowd in Wisconsin days after Saturday’s mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that “words matter.”

“I am sick and tired of this administration. I’m sick and tired of what’s going on. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I hope you are, too,” Biden said.

The former vice president, who is contemplating a 2020 presidential bid, was speaking at a rally in Madison to boost Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., and other Democrats.

Biden noted that “three times this past week, the forces of hate have terrorized our fellow Americans for their political beliefs, the color of their skin, or their religion.”

Last week, a Florida man allegedly sent more than a dozen mail bombs to prominent critics of Trump, including Biden. On Wednesday, two black patrons at a Kentucky grocery store were killed by a white gunman in what authorities are investigating as a possible hate crime. Then, on Saturday, a gunman opened fire inside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11 people in the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history.

Biden denounced the Kentucky shootings as “coldblooded murders” and spoke of the other two incidents in personal terms, telling the crowd that two of his close friends are members of the Pittsburgh synagogue and that the explosive devices sent to him and others could have been picked up by “our kids, our grandkids.”

“Folks, this is not who we are,” Biden said. “We need to recognize that words matter. Words matter.”

Trump has condemned the Pittsburgh shooting as “pure evil” and anti-Semitic, although he has drawn criticism for his continued attacks on the media and some of the targets of last week’s pipe bombs. Trump is traveling to Pittsburgh on Tuesday to commemorate the victims, even as some have called for him to stay away.

Biden is on a campaign swing through midterm battlegrounds in states such as Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Florida. Former president Barack Obama has been hitting the trail as well ahead of next Tuesday’s election, in which control of the House and the Senate is at stake.

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  1. Biden is a certified nut-case who should be institutionalized before he harms himself and those around him. He also needs a heavy dose of mouthwash.

  2. Hey Joey . Your sick & tired?? Can you understand how I was sick & tired for 8 Years???????? Suck & tired of you and your buddy Hussein!
    Get used to it because I wasn’t the only one that was sick & tired. The majority of America was and still is sick & tired if you & your sick buddies.

  3. I agree he is sick mabey also A bit tired but
    it has nothing to do with Trump.
    He’s tired of counting the blood money the Obama administration gave to Iran
    He’s tired of saying lies

  4. Yes words matter. This should be applied equally to the far right white supremacists and the far left so called progressives and their slimey friends such as Farakhan.

    I do not understand how everyone on the Democratic side is blasting Trump but giving a pass to haters such as Farakhan. Pot calling kettle black anyone?

  5. Well we’re sick and tired of u and Obama and Hillary but we put up with it so why don’t you shut your mouth just like we did. Remember what obummer said to the right when he won. The people have spoken so get over it. Kudos to u and your band of gangsters

  6. We have 2 bad choices this Tuesday,
    however the Republicans in my view are the lesser of the two evils,
    Please my friends
    Go out on Tuesday and vote republican and send a message to Biden, Hillary, Chuck, Corry, and their antifa Brownshirts
    We are sick and tired of their pompous, holier than thou, condescending lectures

  7. Well, well….
    The fact that Joe is sick establishes itself the second he opens his mouth, even if he manages to remove his hoof, therefrom.
    As for being tired, most people who just sit around and do absolutely nothing for eight years, paradoxically become tired, out of sheer boredom.

  8. Mr. Biden–Most forward rational-thinking americans are sick and tired of your phony rhetoric!!!!If you believe you are so capable ,so why don’t you run and se if you will EVEN REACH to be chosen as the nominee , but either way you will lose “big time” , so better to keep quiet and only talk once you have a mandate to talk!!!!

  9. Yes you are a sick man and a tired one too now I hope you under stand how we the peple felt about you and obamer for eight years I beg you dont repeat again your sickness to the people of america, by the way take of Hillery is also sick we dont need sick people to run this great country

  10. Uncle Joe has been a useful idiot for the DNC, as a doormat for many years. He is too dumb & stupid to realize that they threw him out and is no longer needed. If he keeps talking he’ll miss his free matinee lunch at the dog track. Boy, will he be cranky.


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