BIBI ONE MORE TIME: Netanyahu and Likud Take Lead as Votes Are Counted


With polls continuing to trickle in tonight following Israel’s elections, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu seems to be in good shape, as his party Likud, has leapfrogged Blue and White, garnering a projected 35 seats to Blue and White’s 34.

This exit poll data is different than earlier polls indicating that Blue and White was up by a few seats.

Both Bibi and his rival, Benny Gantz of Blue and White, declared victory.

The Right-Center bloc of which Netanyahu would preside over is estimated to be at 64-66 seats, giving Bibi the numbers he’d need for a governing coalition.

The chareidi parties did well. Shas is estimated to get as many as 8 or 9 votes according to one poll, with Yahadut Hatorah at 7.

{ Israel}


  1. Lapid, Yaalon, Bennett, & Feiglin all lost. Great news for normal people. Bibi is definitely not perfect but unfortunately there is no one better at the moment. Now let’s pray that President Trump wins again in 2020. Am Yisroel Chai.


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