Bibi Netanyahu’s Son Wins National Bible Quiz


bible-quizIsraeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s youngest son, Avner, has been crowned Bible Quiz winner of state education. The annual contest was held Tuesday afternoon in the northern city of Kiryat Shmona for the 47th time.Some 12,000 students participated in school and regional bible contests throughout the year, and 12 of the districts’ representatives took part in Tuesday’s finals. The four winners, including Avner Netanyahu, will represent Israel in the International Bible Contest.

The prime minister and his wife were among the proud parents who arrived to watch their children take part in the contest. The quiz’s questions were all about Yerushalayim – an issue Netanyahu has been pretty occupied with recently – including the siege on Yerushalayim, the construction of the city in ancient times and the conduct of Shaul Hamelech, Dovid Hamelech, Chizkiyahu Hamelech and Yirmiyahu Hanovi.

The quiz, was divided into two rounds in which students of the state education competed against each other, followed by students from the state religious education. Four of the students reached the final stage: Avner Netanyahu of Yerushalayim, Elad Nachshon of Rechovot, Or Asuel of Kfar Saba and Yehuda Rosenberg of Beit El.

Avner Netanyahu was eventually crowned Bible Quiz winner of the state education with 88 points. Or Asuel, the only girl to take part in the national contest, won the first place in the general competition with 104 points.

At the end of the ceremony, Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to respond to question on current affairs, but was glad to talk about his son’s success. “Today I am here as a father,” he said. “I am very excited and proud of Avner… I am also happy for my father-in-law, Shmuel Ben Artzi, who has been teaching Avner the Bible since the age of six, and for Avner’s uncle, CHagi Ben Artzi. I myself knew only two of the answers he was asked about.”

Avner’s mother, Sara Netanyahu, said: “I am the daughter of a family of Bible Quiz winners, and now it’s not just my brothers. Now I also have a son who is a Bible Quiz winner and this gives me a sense of closure.”

The young Netanyahu said he decided to compete not only for the sake of victory. “The real winner is the Bible,” he concluded.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. Hey Normal, did your parents not teach you the concept that, if you don’t have something nice to say – Keep your fingers to yourself!

  2. Why do people have to dig to find negative things to say? the son of the Prime Minister won, and thats really nice, the Prime Minister had a sickening hard week between dealing with an anti semite in the white house, treating him like a school boy, and a small part of the israeli population tormenting him over this in the lefti media, its nice that he could finally get some nachas please lets commend him and take off our hats for him it is praiseworthy that the Prime Minister of eretz yisroel has a son that knows things about his yidishkeit, lets hope and pray more chilonim follow this path seeing the P.M. son as an example, and this way, maybe they will know what eretz yisroel is about and what our connection is to this land and then hopefully the U.N. will have to start behaving and understanding our point of view.

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