Bibi Boo-Boo: Netanyahu Ridiculed After an Appeal to Iranian Youth


netanyahu2Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu tried to take his campaign against the Iranian leadership directly to Iran’s youthful population last week, saying that if they were truly free, they would be able to wear jeans, listen to Western music and participate in free elections.

The problem is that Iranians do wear jeans and manage to listen to whatever music they want to listen to, just like anyone else almost anywhere, except maybe in North Korea.

That is to say, Mr. Netanyahu’s effort at outreach clearly backfired, as the Twitter universe lit up Sunday with retorts.

“Netanyahu, here are my #Jeans and #Western music,” wrote a user named Sallar, posting a picture of his stone-washed jeans and his iPad showing a pop album cover, and adding an insult to the prime minister’s intelligence.

A user with the handle mohhzg wrote, “Netanyahu, I’m wearing jeans like many old & young people in #Iran.”

Mr. Netanyahu made his public faux pas – at least when it comes to Iranian fashion – in an interview Thursday with the BBC Persian channel, a station much despised by the Iranian leadership because it allows the government’s adversaries direct access to the public. Read more at THE NEW YORK TIMES.

{ Newscenter}


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