Biale Rebbe Urges Move To West Bank


The Biale Rebbe, Rav Ben Tzion Rabinowitcz, urged his followers to buy apartments in Ma’ale Amos, founded in Gush Etzion in 1981.

“In Israel’s current housing market economic situation, there is no place better than there to purchase apartments, in particular for newly married couples, both in terms of price and apartment space and for immediate expansion,” the rebbe wrote.

He guaranteed that all amenities for a thriving kehillah will be provided.

Chareidi towns and communities comprise a third of the West Bank’s Jewish population.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Smart move. The prices in inner cities are skyrocketing. Every normal young couple should move out to areas where you can get a one family home be it in Israel or Brooklyn. Why do you think so many frum heimish families and yungeleit are moving to Lakewood areas like Toms River or Jackson. You can buy a one family house for 300 thousand dollars in Jackson. In boro park you can’t even get a floor. In israel the same problem. Housing in Jerusalem is being built for the rich. If you get a floor for a half million dollars you are lucky. For that money out in the settlements you can live like a king with a palace. Of course israel has one other problem and that’s terrorism. What the Rebbe needs to do is move 50 or a hundred thousand Yidden together and have separate exclusive roads built to and from the heimisha areas. You can’t make tiny settlements of 12 Jews. You need to take over in mass. In numbers there is safety. Also this idiotic atheistic government does not allow Hatzolah cars to pass red lights or have lights and sirens on their cars. This is a mistake. You need first responders who carry medical emergency equipment to save victims in precious minutes. The biala Rebbe is right. Now is best time to expand in mass as Trump is president. If any objections are raised by us officials close to Trump,just remind them it was the chareidim who voted Trump unlike the secular reform Jews.

    • I agree. You make some excellent points. Regarding terrorism, unfortunately there is no solution or guarantee. Do you remember what happened just outside Emanuel a number of years ago R”L? The sakana is constant R”L. We have to use our seichel to remain safe and we have to realize that we have no one to rely on except HKBH!


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