B&H Photo Video Named One of America’s Best Employers by Forbes Magazine 


B&H Photo Video announced it has been named by Forbes magazine as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers for 2018. This is B&H’s first time on the prestigious list.

“We’re proud to be recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers. We believe that happy employees equal happy customers. Highly engaged and passionate employees are our secret sauce in delivering an unparalleled customer experience,” said Menashe Horowitz, CEO. “This recognition is especially important to us since it is based directly on employee feedback.”

B&H is one of the world’s largest sellers of photo, video, audio, computer, and creative technology through its e-commerce, B2B, and New York SuperStore channels. Since 1973, millions of professionals and enthusiasts in the worlds of imaging, audio, and technology have relied on B&H to power their creative technology needs.

“People often ask,” said Mr. Horowitz, “why is B&H successful after 45 years? The answer is simple – we treat people like we want to be treated. For everyone at B&H, treating customers right is what we do — customers feel they have a friend in the business who tells it to them straight.”

B&H prides itself on its family atmosphere and the talent and diversity of its many gifted employees.

The America’s Best Employers list ranks the top 500 employers across 25 different industries. To compile the list, Forbes conducted an independent and anonymous online survey of more than 30,000 workers at companies with more than 1,000 employees in their US operations. Willingness to recommend one’s own employer was the most important dimension of the survey’s assessment.



  1. The main reason why B&H are so matzliach is because THEY ARE CLOSED CHAL HAMOED AND LET THEIR EMPLOYEES SPEND TIME WITH THEIR FAMILYS AND KEHILLA! All these other heimishe stores/companies that are open on Chal Hamoed and force their Yiddishe employees to separate from their families and show up to work are Rishaim arurim who will have a heavy price to pay after 120. Any Frum Yid that enters such stores on Chal Hamoed is oveir lefni evair!

    • Wow…the only rasha I see here is perhaps tge one calling others out…calling your brothers by that name, judging without knowing the circumstances, psak halacha for them etc. It is because of people like you that we don’t have Moshiach yet…and you think you’re the tzaddik? Take a good look into the mirror and your heart. There’s something very not O.K. in both.

      • Chazal tell us that one doesn’t see siman bracha from working on Chal Hamoed. Also, it says very clearly, kol hamivaseh es homoed…………………….

      • Ironic. You’re asking him to give benefit of doubt while you give none to the commentator. I actually side with you to not call the store operators wicked, but let’s judge everyone with a favorable eye. I’ll start it off – I understand you didn’t consider this point and had you considered it, your response would have been much gentler. Someone can be dead wrong in their opinion’s conclusion, but until we are in his shoes it’s hard to know what drove someone to make a harsh comment with a wrong conclusion. For that driver, let’s give everyone some benefit of doubt. We CAN all get along.

    • How do you know what they do with the money thats earned? How do you know anything? First you spew your hatred anger, as if you are Mr. Perfect and never did a thing to incur Hashems wrath, right? You do everything according to halacha one million percent. Well guess what, you dont, because the rabbonim said you should not be here and you are. I, on the other hand never said I was perfect…

  2. As a customer a number of times I can agree they have great customer service. They are well deserved for such recognition.

  3. I’ve shop at b-h on and off for many years. It’s one of the best knowledgeable staff, I have the pleasure of doing business with. Many times I have questions about a product. And having a patient sales person explain it to me. Makes me want to go back, for my next purchase.
    They take the time to price match something I like and seen. Which makes me a happy buyer. That’s what a good business man would do. I’m happy and your happy. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful airy store full of everything in photo & video & more, because of their knowledgeable staff, I feel secure in my purchases & I’ve spent a lot of money there & made it back many times over. I’ve also attended SEMINARS there which were EXCELLENT. They also gave away freebees during the seminar. They also POST plenty of wonderful seminars on youtube, I’m talking about 1.5 hrs long with big pro shooters & editors, et al. Besides that, I feel totally comfortable & confident asking them for advice online via chat. I’m happy they’ve won!


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