B&H Photo Denies Discrimination Allegations After Being Accused Of Giving $2000 Baby Bonus To Jews Only


Decrying “false and misleading claims”, the New York-based B&H photo equipment store is denying reports that it discriminates against its non-Jewish workers.

On Wednesday, the New York Post reported that B&H is facing a lawsuit from disgruntled employees who alleged that the  camera empire would award its Jewish employees $2,000 upon having a child while not giving the bonus to non-Jewish workers.


The allegations were hotly denied by B&H, who wrote in an open letter to its 2,000 employees that “the suit is riddled with preposterous claims and outright lies that were disproven in prior actions”.

“It is also disappointing that B&H’s practice of recognizing when our employees celebrate the birth or adoption of child or of an employee’s wedding or the wedding of a child with the gift of $180-$250 has been misrepresented and used to defame the company,” read the missive.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Interesting (to me) that Jpost names the plaintiffs and they sound Mexican (or Mexican descent) – Raul Pedraza, Oscar Martinez and Antonio Hernandez.
    While they also made complaints about allegedly being called names (“goy”, “dirty” and the like) they made a very serious and self-defeating accusation as follows.
    They alleged they were told to hire illegals.
    So the question becomes – do these Mexican-sounding guys want illegal Mexicans to get jobs or not? Are these Raul Pedraza, Oscar Martinez and Antonio Hernandez Trump supporters, because they sure sound like it.
    Of course they claim (in order to make the Jews look bad, in a way that baits anti-Semitism) that the REASON they were asked to hire illegals is because they are cheaper.

  2. Hello we live in America, you cant do as you please.
    Imagine the story the other way round and a non Jewish boss decides that his Jewish workers cannot take off for leaving early on erev shabbos and allows his non Jewish workers to leave early when ever they want. Just think about that.

    • your comparison is nill…..WE DONT HAVE to give presents for any worker, but DO have to accomodate religious observance. now, if i as boss likes a certain individual why cant i give a bonus?? so your angry doesnt make you right

  3. Who is behind these rabble rousers this is not a spontaneous demonstration there is some group behind them,
    A George Soros funded organization?

  4. As a Jewish B&H employee I could verify that it’s pure lies. Maybe the NY POST would like to send me the 8K that they claim B&H doled out. 2K for 4 children.

  5. This is sad, a company known for integrity and serving the photographic community well for many years is accused of taking care of their fellow Jews. This is a group that one generation back had to endure seeing many fellow Jews exterminated. Now, we are told they’re horrible because they celebrate life events, that are very dear to the Jews with bonuses to fellow Jews. Sure, some will say this is discrimination, but we’re not talking about doing something hurtful to a group based on background, rather favoring their own heritage with traditional, that word is important, gifts, part of the religious fabric of Judaism. So, if we truly have separation of church and state can’t that religion practice the joyous events as they always have without being judged when not including those that are not part of the religion.

  6. As a non Jewish employee of B&H I can confirm that I’ve heard from several non Jewish coworkers that they’ve received gifts for the birth of their child.

    • Dear 6:59am, a boss has a right to provide extra additional rewards to any employee of his choosing. Is it in your job contract that you are to get 2k for each kid? – The answer is no? Hence, you are not discriminated. Move to Venezuela if you believe everyone is to be compensated the same amount.


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