B’gan Recalls Black Eye Peas Due to Infestation (Video)



  1. Why don’t the kosher certifiers issue s recall?
    Every one in kashrus knows besides kcl, that black eyed beans are always infested.

  2. I think it is extremely brave and strong for a company such as B’Gan to recall a product that will be a total loss for them, as the entire lot will be thrown out – a huge loss of money.

    B’Gan has been so careful to provide the market with bug free products that are the finest products. Everyone get’s caught with a bad batch.

    It says a lot when anyone is willing to take a large loss to prevent any issurim. Mi K’Amcha Yisroel.

    HKBH should help all of us get all the bugs out of our Neshomos, and give all K’Lall Yisroel a Kesiva VaChasima Toyva!


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