Beware: Super Bowl Sunday Is A Hotbed For Hackers, Security Experts Warn


This weekend, Super Bowl LIII will not only attract legions of football fans but it will also create a perfect environment for hackers, where they could steal your identity, hack into your phone, or steal your credit card information over Wi-Fi while you’re watching the game online.

The key attack vector, he says, is when online fans start searching for a way to watch the game for free. Millions of football fans will simply type “free Super Bowl” into a Google search and the links that appear might contain malware and spyware.

Nick Bilogorskiy, a cyber security strategist at Juniper Networks, says that fans should avoid clicking any emails or links that make empty promises — even about parking or a free dinner — because those attacks, known as phishing, will be commonplace throughout this week.

Read more at NY POST.




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