BETRAYAL: Gingrich Says Mexico Won’t Pay for Wall, ‘But It Was A Great Campaign Device’


Two days after Donald Trump was elected president, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an ardent Trump supporter, admitted the president-elect’s promise to get Mexico to fund his proposed border wall may have just been “a campaign device,” reports Becca Stanek for THE WEEK.

“He may not spend much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it,” Gingrich said of a hypothetical border structure. “But it was a great campaign device.”

Gingrich said that Trump will “spend that lot of time” on “controlling the border.”



  1. To all Trump fans out there ,all you waking up to a bad hangover?
    Just Judging by whom is no.2 on the transition committee , ought to make every conservative worried

  2. Fiddle playing. Nero hostile.

    Fink and pretend humor. Could Mexico become war pawn for American greed?

    Fussy gold in Trump’s hand. Military stakes too much.

    Forced aggression and Gingrich jokes about the gotcha-vote win.

    Classy to the body count.

    We are not convinced that Red White and Blue to Trump was not the black cornered Neo-nazi flag. My bid on his limit is a failed presidency.

  3. Remember many of us who voted for Trump were voting against Hillary. I’m not surprised, and I won’t be if he changes his mind again. I’m still happy with #never hillary.
    All the college protesters are half the reason why

  4. Let’s c I hat really happens because Hillary was total garbage along with bummer so let’s stop pretending that u no that trump will not do better

  5. Just wondering why you’re not bothered about Hillary’s being a phony somehow or o only that bother you r the Republicans
    Hillary treason is ok

  6. Hillary and obama knew one thing tax and waste it was time for her to go and if trump accompanies nothing he will be gone but I clowns think that only socialist should be allowed to try everybody else is disqualified

  7. Hillary and the justice department were totally corrupt so please stop sweeping their garbage under the rug af if it was some little thing from the perjury to the mishandling classified info to bringing in potentiality violent refugees this insanity had to be stopped so I think u people have been fallling for plenty over the last 8 years

  8. So Trump is not getting Mexico to pay for the wall. Big deal. At least he is still committed to stopping the illegal immigration. Hillary actually encouraged the third world illegal immigration in order to forever change the electorate in this country. The US can afford to pay a few billions in order to secure its South border.

  9. When i think of Hillary as president and Hillary having control of the Supreme Court of The USA for the next 30+ years, I’ll take my chances with Trump. At least i know he’ll appoint Conservative CONSTITUTIONAL jurists.

    The wall thing…. The wall was approved 10 years ago but no one had the guts to put it up. Trump has guts .

  10. Oh stop whining you sore losers!! Hil-liar-y is THE biggest liar but you’re all too stupid to admit it. She lost because of her dishonesty and all her scandsls!!!!! She’s not off the hook yet…her day is coming

  11. You Libs have really got to get over it. Hillary lost. She will not be President. At this point the she will never ever be President. Find another foreign g-d and pump them up to be the next choice.


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