Bernie Sanders Slams Israel’s Nationality Law As Trump-Inspired


In a major foreign policy speech positing an emerging authoritarian strain around the world, Bernie Sanders blamed the passage of Israel’s Nationality Law on President Donald Trump, citing it as proof of his corrupting influence eroding democracy.

“It should be clear by now that Donald Trump and the right-wing movement that supports him is not a phenomenon unique to the United States,” Sanders said Tuesday in a speech to the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.


He cited as examples the Nationality Law passed this summer by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government which ratifies Israel’s status as a Jewish State.

“It’s (…) hard to imagine that Israel’s Netanyahu government would have taken a number of steps— including passing the recent ‘Nation State law,’ which essentially codifies the second-class status of Israel’s non-Jewish citizens, aggressively undermining the longstanding goal of a two-state solution, and ignoring the economic catastrophe in Gaza — if Netanyahu wasn’t confident that Trump would support him,” Sanders conjectured.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Which other countries did he speak against the influence Trump has on them?

    Let me guess. None.

    A guy like BS who campaigns on Yom Kippur when it falls out on Shabbos even for minor candidates and makes a point of writing on the first page of his website that pork is his favorite food is trying very hard to disassociate himself from being Jewish (Even neutral non Jewish observers make that point)

    Bashing Israel and supporting Palestinians is one of his ways of doing it.

  2. This is the new face of the Democratic Party, yet somehow they still have the frum population vote in NY. Why is there no information on this website about Kirsten Gillibrand’s relationship and endorsement of Linda Sarsour, who publicly tweets her support of Palestinian terrorists and calls them “courageous”? Senator Gillibrand is up for re-election in three weeks in a state with a large Jewish population, yet we don’t seem concerned by this. She tweeted her endorsement of Time Magazine’s profile of Linda Sarsour and was just introduced at an event against Kavanaugh by Linda Sarsour who states that Gillibrand works for her causes “from the inside”. Is this who the NYS Jewish population will be voting for in three weeks? What is the Agudah position on her candidacy? Askonim? Simcha Felder, Kalman Yeger, Etc etc?

  3. Bernie, did you hear that your rival, Hillary, the one who stole your candidacy for the 2016 election wants to run and lose for the 3rd time in 2020? You might defeat her because she’s too sick physically, mentally and emotionally. Between you, Hillary, Bloomberg, Winfrey, Biden, Holder, Cuomo, Warren and other weirdos, you might be the biggest weirdo the Democrats would want as their leader.

  4. Yes, its TRUMP inspired, all the better !Trump is a better president than you wicked communist rasha Sanders, Clinton etc will ever be. Who cares how he talks or what he did 20 years ago , what any normal human being does, except the few ehrlicher yidden. Clintion-lewinsky Eisenhowe-with, Roosevelt etc etc


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