Bernie Sanders Has Recorded 2020 Presidential Announcement Video


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has recorded, but not yet released, a video to announce he’s running for president in 2020, Politico reported, citing unnamed sources. The independent’s team has also been holding interviews to fill top staff positions, according to the news site.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist,” was the runner-up for the Democratic nomination in 2016. He’s widely viewed as a key figure in the party’s leftward tilt since then.

It’s not clear if or when Sanders will release his new video.


Read more at NY POST.



  1. Is the racist, who left the racially diverse Brooklyn to move to the all WHITE State of Vermont, still offering up free college to all?

  2. He must be running just for power and the chance the sound off on the national stage again.

    He is very unlikely to win the Democratic primaries because he no longer has the favorable circumstances he had in 2016. His positions are no longer unique or a novelty, he has much more baggage, he will have much more competition and worst of all, the demographic he is looking to for votes, is much more inclined to vote for his competition than “an old white guy” like him.

    And the bottom line is he LOST the primaries last time even under those more favorable circumstances, why should he expect to win this time?

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