Bernie Sanders Casts Doubt On Blue Wave In Midterms


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thinks there is reason to doubt the predicted “blue wave” in next month’s midterm elections, saying control of Congress will be decided by a few tight races.

“I know a lot of people talk about this blue wave and all that stuff, but I don’t believe it,” Sanders told Hill.TV’s “Rising” co-host Krystal Ball during an interview that aired on Monday.

Sanders said he believes that the outcome from Nov. 6 will be a “very, very close” situation and predicts that only a “handful of votes” will determine whether Democrats are able to regain control of the House or Senate.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Good morning, Bernie. You’ve finally woken up. With bli ayin hara such MEGA MAGA rallies, the blue wave will go down the drain.

  2. Heaven help this country if Democrats get power again it will use it to waste our money to further destroy this country I hope this that they will get enough problems of your own to keep them very very busy so they don’t have to try to cause any more damage

  3. That’s right, Mr. Sanders. Even the 14,000 people the Democrats are paying for to illegally come into the US will not help the Dems much for the midterms.

  4. Why does the WHITE so-called liberal progressive, Sanders, live in the whitest State in the Nation, Vermont? Why did Bernie leave Brooklyn? He couldn’t stand those black folks? I thought their agenda is all about race.

  5. Its 2018. Bernie is still on the loose!

    Hillary is still on the wage of her lost election. She thinks that the Democrats need more!

    What do we do in the USA? Just be glad. A defunct worth for civilization does in most hope never become the safety we must agree a future to lose.

    Dream of your friends in the USA. You keep kosher and they do too. They keep our laws. Bernie refuses. He can have his boulder fit moon. It will fall on him and the whole party.

    I divest.


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