Bernie: I Wouldn’t Continue Obama Legacy


bernie sandersDespite VP Joe Biden’s plea for the next president not to “undo” the legacy of President Obama, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders told MSNBC Wednesday that his presidency would be a “course correction.”

During an interview with Chris Hayes, reports the Daily Beast, the self-described democratic socialist confessed that while he is a “personal friend” of Obama and Biden, Sanders wants a “political revolution” to undo the current power structure controlled by “corporate America and the Koch brothers and the corporate media.” This is obviously at odds with how major-party presidential candidates tend to wholeheartedly tout their predecessor’s record as part of their campaign.



  1. Hey Bernie. Now that Biden was threatened into not running, you better be a good boy and get out of Hillary’s way. She waited for a long time and now it is her turn. The dumb stupid Democrats have decided that there is not a single person in the entire Party that comes even close to Hillary’s talent. She is the best and the brightest. A very sad state of affairs but this is the reality so you better get with the program.


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