Bernie: Hillary Uses Obama for Black Vote


In a BET interview set to air on Sunday, Bernie Sanders bashes Hillary Clinton for using her alignment with President Obama to get African-American voters.

“You know, Hillary Clinton now is trying to embrace the President as closely– as she possibly can,” Sanders said in pre-released transcripts. “Everything the President does is wonderful. She loves the President, he loves her and all that stuff. And we know what that’s about. That’s trying to– win support from the African American community where the President is enormously popular. But you know what? I have enormous respect for the President. He’s a friend. We have worked together. I think he has done a great job in many respects. But you know what? Like any other human being, he is wrong on certain issues.” Read more at ABC.



  1. I see Bernie was bought out by the Bush family and is repeating the Republican talking points of attacking a righteous woman, Hillary Clinton. I see Bernie has aligned himself with the Evil white racist Republican males and has joined the ‘WAR ON WOMEN”! Bernie is done.


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