Berkovitch Bemoans Election Loss, Says Fake News Lost Him The Race


Mayoral candidate Ofer Berkovitch expressed disappointment over fact that many residents of Yerushalayim did not vote in runoff.


“You hear people complaining continuously in the streets, you hear people explain that they ‘took’ the city from them, and then election day comes, the day on which you can influence things, and people stay home [and don’t come out to vote]. It’s almost inconceivable,” Berkovitch told Hadashot TV.

“We experienced fraudulent attacks that I would never have imagined. Fake phone calls allegedly from the New Israel Fund that they support me, which of course never happened, a car with signs in Arabic and a loudspeaker that was not our initiative…if you don’t play dirty, your chances of winning go down significantly,” said Berkovitch.

Berkovitch lost the mayoralty to Moshe Leon by fewer than 4,000 votes, but decided not to appeal the results.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. It’s really a shame. He wouldv’e been a great mayor.

    Moshe Le’on already pledged to keep the Mitcham Hatachana entertainment center open on Shabbos, and he promised to open more such centers on Shabbos.
    Moshe Le’on also announced that he’s working on projects to attract the young Chiloni crowd, so as to strengthen the Chiloni majority in the city.

    Meanwhile, Ofer Berkowitz pledged to close the Mitcham Hatachana on Shabbos, he planned on closing the central zoo on Shabbos, and many more things to preserve Kedushas Yerushalayim.
    It should be noted, that Ofer Berkowitz, a left leaning centrist would have an easier time with the media if he attempted these things.
    Moshe Le’on on the other hand, is a die hard right winger (a puppet of Avigdor Leiberman), and will face media scrutiny from the secular media for any small thing he does.


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