Berkley Cancels Ann Coulter Speech For Fear Of Liberal Violence


The University of California, Berkeley, canceled a scheduled speech by the conservative author Ann Coulter, in the latest blow to the institution’s legacy and reputation as a promoter and bastion of free speech.

University administrators said in a statement that they could not let Ms. Coulter speak because of active security threats. In a letter to the Berkeley College Republicans, which was sponsoring the speech, two vice chancellors said the university had been “unable to find a safe and suitable venue for your planned April 27 event featuring Ann Coulter.”

In February, a speech by the incendiary right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos, also sponsored by the College Republicans, was canceled after masked protesters smashed windows, set fires and pelted the police with rocks. Read more at NY Times.



  1. Just wondering what would happen if we reacted to their garbage in similar fashion what would the liberal media be saying
    The question is purely rhetorical because we know the answer

  2. GOP hate rhetoric is so bad that anyone to vote otherwise is a snowflake and lost mind. Could we just see bully graveyards? Someone must stop the bad manners. See you…would not want to be you. Ever.

  3. Left-wing and Liberal are being used interchangeably here, but that isn’t accurate. Left-wing extremism,
    such as the threats against Coulter here, is anathema to liberal ideology. (FWIW, right-wing and Conservative are similarly inaccurately conflated, with conservatives being smeared as racists.)


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