Bereaved Israeli Mother of Two Fallen IDF Soldiers Upon Witnessing UK Parliament Terror Attack Aftermath


Israeli educator Miriam Peretz — a bereaved mother of two fallen IDF soldiers — was an eyewitness on Wednesday to the aftermath of the deadly terrorist rampage next to the British Parliament building in central London, NRG reported.

Peretz was visiting London on behalf of the Jewish Agency and was on her way to meet with Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev when she came across the scene of the incident, the report said.

“The sirens and hysteria reminded me of attacks in Jerusalem,” she was quoted as telling Israel’s Army Radio. “Suddenly, tranquil London was like Jerusalem. I can’t say I wasn’t scared or that the thought of ‘God, why are you chasing me with these disasters?’ didn’t cross my mind. But thank God, we are ok.”

“The world is learning,” she went on to say, “that attacks take place not only in Israel, but all over the globe. Coping [with terrorism] is not just for Israel, but also for England, France and the US.”

Despite her close brush with Wednesday’s attack, Peretz plans to stay in London through Saturday. Her time in the UK is being filled with meetings with British Jews, including students.

“The Jewish community is very anxious and stressed,” she said.

“I’m also meeting with non-Jewish students who support Israel and oppose the activities of the BDS organizations,” Peretz added.

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