Bennett: Work for Chareidim Supersedes Army Service


Speaking to Times of Israel, Education Minister Naftali Bennett said that he viewed the integration of chareidim into the workforce as more important by far than drafting them into the IDF.

“Look, everyone focuses on the military, but the reality is that our military is big and strong, and Israel can survive with or without the chareidim in the military,” he said.

“Israel cannot survive without the chareidim fully integrated in the workforce,” he continued. “Something’s got to give. I mean, there’s going to be less and less people generating taxes, more and more consuming tax money. At some point it doesn’t work.”

Bennett added that an effort to transfer East Yerushalayim Arab students from anti-Semitic Muslim schools to state schools was still in the “beginning stages” and was being encouraged by financial inducements. Presently, only ten of East Yerushalayim’s 185 Arab schools study the Israeli school syllabus.

“The Arabs of East Yerushalayim understand that if they want an economic future for their children…, they need the Israeli matriculation exam: math, physics, computers,” Bennett said.

Regarding a recent High Court petition of twelve university professors against the introduction of gender-separate classes for chareidim at university courses, Bennett said that “sometimes you have to be flexible for a certain period of time in order to solve national problems.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The true is israel does not need an army. They just want to schmad us an make us kalta litwaks. No way . Ben gurion promised us the moon and he better pay up. They need us more then before.

  2. Now somebody is talking a bit of sense saying what we know already that the army doesn’t really need the chareidim its all just politics

  3. This is proof that the only reason Zionists want us in the army is to make us Frei, we will not budge one iota, this what tab dovid solovetchik mentioned in the recent AMI

      • The facts are, actually, that study after study has shown that “chareidi” educational systems are on par or exceed their counterparts in the secular/public systems. Add to that the (virtually) zero violence, (virtually) zero drugs, gangs, crime, etc. and you have a fertile environment for growth.
        Another fact is that “chareidim” can be found in unexpectedly and almost never reported, high numbers in many many areas; tech, IT, engineering, law, medicine, business, accounting, education, etc.
        Thirdly, and most importantly, many chareidim are barred from many taxable jobs simply because they didn’t serve in the IDF.

  4. “sometimes you have to be flexible for a certain period of time”
    Yes, this is exactly their strategy. There is no long term plan for accommodation, whether in the army, the universities, or the work force. It is all a strategy to assimilate us, softly-softly, first the fist in the velvet glove, and then the glove comes off.
    how many of us will be left at the finish?

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