Bennett Proposes World Jewish Singles’ Gathering To Solve Shidduch Crisis


Education Minister Naftali Bennett offered a unique suggestion to combat the shidduch crisis, tweeting a proposal to organize a world Jewish single’s gathering in Israel.

“What do you think about this idea.” Bennett wrote. “A World Jewish Singles gathering in Israel, let’s say for 4-5 days before Pesach. Coming to meet other singles, music & cultural events etc. Please tell me here what you think. I really want to hear.

Bennett’s idea is not new. Many shidduch events have been held in recent years to combat the shidduch crisis, although making an international may be a new twist.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. As long as the “age-gap” hoax continues to be promulgated amongst the guillibe sheeple, the real issues of older singles & the picky parents of those older singles, and their issues, won’t be solved.

    • Dear Libbyleh, learn basic arithmetic before butting in to the adults’ conversation. Rules of mathematics don’t allow pairing up every girl per boy if there are 115 girls for every 100 boys in the market, without resorting to polygamy of course. The phenomena of huge numbers of good girls not getting married is exclusive to American yeshivish community, who somehow created themselves a heter of boys getting married at 25. This girls tragedy doesn’t exist in chasidish or Israeli yeshivish communities, as their bochurim get married at a much younger age.

      • Nice idea, but you’ve got it wrong. There definitely IS a crisis and it’s here in ארץ ישראל no less than on your side of the pond: among the Litvish/Yeshivish/Sephardi crowd there is a shortage of quality boys and by the Chasidim there’s a shortage of girls. It goes beyond age gaps, demanding parents (size 2-where are all the girl’s internal organs, if I may ask?), and honestly, no matter how much I’ve analyzed this question, I don’t have an answer. Yes, some people are too picky, some are not realistic, some are asking for too much, but I think it goes beyond that. Rabbosai, it’s time to get a hold of yourselves and ask yourselves what you and your child REALLY need. Money? Money comes and money goes. Sometimes someone lands a good job and had more than anyone would have anticipated on their graduation. Sometimes the opposite. That skinny girl had twins and never got her figure back, and the chubby one became aware of health issues and looks better than at her bas mitzvah. The younger girl took many years to become a mother and the older one had one after the other. The learning only boy got burned out as soon as he snagged your daughter and is stocking shelves at the corner grocery because chas v’sholom he should have learned a trade or even basic English, whereas the electrician found an amazing shiur and now does the Daf. The simple family turns out to have beautiful middos and your child is wonderfully happy with them.


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