Bennett: New Government Will Look After Chareidim – “Our Brothers” – Too


bennettNaftali Bennett, chairman of Habyait Hayehudi, says chareidim shouldn’t think they will be ignored.

“We are not forming a government within a government,” he said on Motzoei Shabbos. “We are here to serve the Israeli people from within Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu’s government. Our goal is not to look after the religious sector only. We will look out for our brothers, the chareidim, even if they are not in the government.”

Bennett added that “We are at the service of the prime minister, his success is a success for the entire people of Israel.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Learning something out of obamas playbook.
    Now he claims everythbing is Netanyahu, not him. Evern though he forced Bibi into a government he didn’t want, and bennett was the key player – now he claims its netanyahus. He claims to be at netanyahus service

  2. It is hard to believe Bennett care for the charadim as his brother. He did his best to screw them out of the government.

    Well, we will wait and watch…

  3. ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???????
    He knows that the hack will soon disturb his sleep so he’s trying to reassure! He knows he put himself in horrible position so he’s trying to appease, but it won’t work, only a blind person could be deterred by this guys lies. How could he possibly excuse the fact that he is destroying Yeshiva? His claims and excuses are so pathetic!

  4. You’re a lier and a sell out! You & Piron will get what’s coming to you! Your a piece of nothing! Your millions won’t save you this time around!

  5. Matzav, if you keep editing & sanitizing everyones comments you will amount to nothing! You think you’re so smart? You are a dumb


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