Bennett: ‘IDF Can’t Handle So Many Charedi Soldiers At Once’


Education Minister Naftali Bennett participated in a Haifa leadership conference, discussing his views on the recent compromised reached on the subject of the new “Draft Law.”

“The truth may not be popular, but I’ll say it anyways: There is a draft compromise, which takes into the fact that over the past decade, more and more charedim are drafting into the IDF each year,” Bennett said.

“If anyone thinks that the IDF can, and knows how to, integrate dozens of thousands of charedim all at once – he is mistaken.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The IDF cannot even manage the surplus of soldiers they already have. This is why you have so many soldiers serving shavua-shavua (every other week), and why so many jobnik soldiers watch cable TV on the base all day.

  2. The IDF recently released thousands of soldiers who completed 32/36 months of service. They are now in talks to lower it to whoever completed 28/36 months, because of the massive surplus. But without the Chareidim Israel won’t be able to defend itseld against the arabs? No?!


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