Bennett: For Every Rocket, Hit 20 Commanders’ Homes in Gaza


naftali-bennettNaftali Bennett, chairman of Bayit Yehudi and Economics Minister of Israel, said today that the time has come to stop the “unbecoming” negotiations with Hamas and engage in unilateral action against the organization of terrorists, Arutz Sheva reported.

“Open up the crossings into Gaza for humanitarian equipment, and respond with disproportionate force to any fire on the southern communities,” Bennett prescribed, as he entered a session of the Diplomacy and Security Cabinet.

Residents of the so-called Gaza Belt, which is hardest hit by Hamas’s rockets, mortar shells and tunnels, require a specific solution, he said. “If we have to move them to guest rooms in the north for a month or two, we will do that. And for every shell that is fired, we will destroy 20 homes of Hamas commanders and rocket factories. We are the ones with the power. There is no reason to plead.”

{ Israel}


  1. “We are the ones with the power”.. KOICHI VE-OITZEM YODI!!! We need immense siyata dishmaya and rachmonus on zein folk from the aibershter……without siyata dishmaya geit es nisht!!!!

  2. Isn’t it moronic: they destroy our people, we destroy their buildings?! Israeli elites are completely morally and intellectually bankrupt.


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