Ben Shapiro Hits Back At Sanders: That’s Not What Happened


Conservative writer Ben Shapiro on Thursday criticized White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after she suspended press credentials for CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Sanders says she took the punitive measure against CNN’s chief White House correspondent for “placing his hands” on an intern who tried to take the microphone from him during a press conference with President Trump on Wednesday.

“This is not what happened,” Shapiro replied to a tweet from Sanders, in which she said that Acosta was banned for “placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern.”

“You could have banned him simply for refusing to abide by any of the normal rules of the press room,” Shapiro wrote. “No need to state something happened that didn’t.”

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  1. Ben Ben Ben…….In fact that IS what happened. Watch the video again and you clearly see that as the white house staff member tried to take back the mic, Acosta kind of karate chopped her arm to get her away. It is as clear as day.

    Now do you want to say that Acosta didn’t initiate the contact, ok that we can discuss, but to say he did not touch her is wrong and the entire world can easily see that Acosta did in fact touch her

    • He wouldn’t have the courage to apologize even after that woman came forth stating it was a “false identity”. And other women also came back saying they made up the story. Matzav reported it days ago.

  2. Shapiro, you’re a Trump-hater liar. How can you say it never happened when people viewed it as it happened and were surprised with CNN’s claim that it was doctored? You weren’t even there and just prefer to believe CNN Fake News.

  3. Isn’t it hypocritical that the #Metoo movement is silent now? If a Republican like Ted Cruz or Mike Lee would of done the exact same thing, the same leftists defending Costa Rica, would be screaming for their demise!

  4. This is classic of a commentator like Ben Shapiro. He wants to be seen as a pure ideologue with zero loyalty to anyone. So if something happens that has nothing to do with ideology he will take the other side in order to create the image that he is a reasonable person and that all he wants is to seek the truth (even if it may not actually be the truth).

  5. Sarah Huckabee has never said a truthful comment in her time as press secretary (not her fault – it is requirement of working for Trump, ask Sean “Largest inauguration crowd period” Spicer)

    why is this the lie that he chooses to identify?

  6. I have seen enough of Ben Shapiro that I can say, whether you agree with him or not he is scrupulously honest and will not attempt to spin or fudge things simply to try to sound better. I think he may be mistaken here, but the personal attacks are uncalled for.


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