Ben Ari: Using Lulavim from Gaza is a Mitzvah Habaah Ba’aveirah


mk-michoel-ben-ariAs reported here earlier today, lulavim will now be exported from Gaza to Israel after Religious Services Minister Yaakov Margi received special permission to do so from Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Margi was approached by importers of lulavim to intervene after suppliers in Egypt, Israel’main source, tripled their prices. Israeli importers said that Egyptian suppliers in El-Arish and other locations who provide the bulk of lulavim have deliberately staged a shortage to increase prices about three times of what was demanded in previous years.

 However, MK Michoel Ben Ari, of Ichud Leumi-National Union, says that using lulavim from Gaza is directly funding terrorism and should be considered a mitzvah haba’ah ba’aveirah.

 “I call on the public not to bring Hamas into your homes [by buying Gazan lulavim]. Pay a few more shekels for a Jewish-grown lulav and do not fund the kidnappers of [Gilad] Shalit,” said Ben Ari.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. I think the Arabs should do a “Heter Mechira” meaning, they should sell their property to a jew and thereby it won’t be considered Mitzva Haba B’avairo!!! I bet their people will have 1000 reasons that this can’t be done, but for Shmitta, no problem!

  2. It is not a Mitzvah Habaah Ba’aveirah. I can hear why one should not buy from them, but it has no connection to Mitzvah Habaah Ba’aveirah. Mitzvah Habaah Ba’aveirah means that you are not yotzei the mitzva and it is better not to do the mitzva in such a case – this would most definitely not apply here. Ben Ari should go learn some Lulav Hagazul.

  3. i dont think ben ari was paskening shailes but rather addressing via poetic license the lack of YASHRUS in the arrangement

    aiding and abetting the enemy is an aveira – kum veaseh – not using a lulav – well – you are shev ve al taaseh – i wonder whats worse

    as an aside not using a lulav the first day of yom tov (shofar / megilah also ) that falls on shabbos is a classic example of being mevatel an aseh for the greater good

  4. The charedim give a Badatz hechsher on veggies from the the West Bank Arabs and Gaza farmers so why would a LULAV – inyon for mitzvah make a difference?
    Every penny that is earned by a Gaza Arab is for the furtherance of the milchama against the Jews/Israel. What Ben Ari is saying is pashut emes…..


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