Belgian Court Questions Shechita Ban


Belgium’s Constitutional Court on Thursday questioned the legality of the ban on shechita passed in 2017 by the parliaments of Flanders and Wallonia, JPOST reports.

Following the passing of the law, the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations in Belgium (CCOJB) filed a lawsuit against the ban with support from The Lawfare Project, a legal think tank and litigation fund that files legal cases against anti-Jewish discrimination around the world.

The Belgian court has since decided that it needs to check whether the bans on religious slaughter are compatible with European law. CCOJB and The Lawfare Project “maintain that while the ban was implemented with the stated purpose of animal welfare, that argument is flawed because animal welfare has always been central to the laws of kosher practice.”

Brooke Goldstein, the Executive Director of The Lawfare Project, said, “It is disappointing that the Constitutional Court hasn’t put a stop to this assault on religious freedom in Belgium. The ban on religious slaughter is a shameful and vindictive act towards minority communities. If allowed to stand it has appalling implications for Jewish communities in Belgium and beyond…We will never let attacks on the rights of Jews and other minorities to practice their religion go unchallenged.”

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  1. We need to define “secular atheism” as a religion, with their own system of beliefs. Here, they BELIEVE that kosher slaughter is cruel, without any scientific basis. Same idea , they believe that Hashem doesn’t exist. Once you understand this, then you understand that they”re imposing their religion on the jews… Its called religious persecution.


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