Beitar Illit Has “Amona Problem”


Meir Rubinstein, mayor of the chareidi West Bank town Beitar Illit, revealed that his town might run into an Amona-style dilemma because Arabs are claiming ownership of land where dozens of buildings have been erected.

Plans exist to build 1,100 new apartments in Beitar Illit in addition to the 8,000 apartments already constructed there. 200 of these have already been sold.

Beitar already built on two adjacent hills; the new buildings will be built on a third.

The Civil Administration recently announced that a thousand acres adjacent to the town are “state land,” which raises the possibility of constructing 5,000 more apartments in this new area.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. And then Jewish residents in Tel-Aviv, Talpiot & Meah Shearim will be alerted by Peace Now NGO, that their homes are on claimed Arab homes. This is the newest BDS….


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