Beit Shemesh Sofer Forced To Leave Job



In a series of events which began as tragic but have become inspiring, Jews around the world have begun to unite to help a very special Beit Shemesh family.

The Breyers are a large, happy brood, with 8 kids at home, including one special needs daughter. Change came quickly recently, after mother Chava was diagnosed with late stage cancer. She is now bedridden, unable to perform the most basic daily tasks. Father Nosson was forced to leave his job as a sofer in order to take care of his wife and children.

They have since lapsed into severe poverty, and the other challenges that come with a terminally ill parent, but have refused to give up hope. With a son in the home who is engaged to be married they are determined to make his wedding, not only with all of the basics necessary for a groom & bride, but in time for mother Chava to see her son’s chuppah. It is a highly time-sensitive situation, and so they have turned to their extended family, the Jewish People, for help.

“I don’t even know where to start,” says Nosson in touching video footage.

Donors will have the unique opportunity to do something truly praiseworthy: enable a dying woman to see her son’s chuppah before she leaves this world. Donations also go toward the family’s very survival as they prepare for the simcha without sufficient funds for rent, food, and clothing.

Readers who are able to join the race to #BringChavatotheChuppah can do so on the family’s emergency fund page.


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