Beis Din Nullifies Woman’s Two Marriages


A woman who returned to Jewish observance wanted to marry for a fourth time, but had only received a get for her first marriage and did not know the identities of her second and third husbands.

Unprecedentedly, the Be’er Sheva beis din determined that the second and third marriages were worthless; one was done in jest and the witnesses were not observant, and the other was conducted fictitiously to render her eligible for benefits from the Welfare Ministry.

After much effort, the beis din located the third husband and he gave a get to remove all doubts.

{ Israel}


  1. please its misleading…this isnt nullify. this is no marriage to begin with as it wasnt’ kosher’ wedding
    eg: igros moshe even azer (dont have tesuvah on spot).paskens that wedding by conservative , reform null and void….see . nullify is what these eirev-RAV are doing

  2. Hgaon Reb Elyahu Levin shlita ( Senior posek in Lakewood NJ) in a written letter poised that a supreme court has to be established in the Bais Din system. The Rov shlita writes that Morainu Hgaon Reb Elyashiv ztkl suggested that he opens a B’D. Whoever can be mechazak the Rov will merit helping klal yisroel.

  3. without knowing the full details it is problematic to draw conclusions…however I am concerned about the growing trend to just declare a Nissuin “invalid”.

  4. I heard that is a new Bais din opened in monsey that is changing the system if anyone has any info and can share it would be beneficial for the klal


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