Bees Know How To Do Basic Math


Bees apparently have a grasp of basic math, including addition and subtraction, a new study has discovered.

The study, published in Science Advances, reveals that bees have incredibly powerful brains for their size and suggests that more animals than we thought can do math. This new knowledge can help in the development of better artificial intelligence (AI) systems, scientists say.

In the study, scientists trained individual honeybees to recognize colors as plus or minus symbols — and armed with this knowledge, they went on to solve basic mathematical problems set by the scientists.

The bees completed the tasks with a success rate of up to 75 percent.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. this is a stupid experiment
    read the link. The bees only have to understand “greater” and “smaller”, blue “increase” vs yellow “decrease”. They do not have to determine whether 2+1=3 as opposed to 2+1=4
    However someone got paid for designing this “science”. And now we all can explain academia to our children.

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