Bee Swarm Traps Family Inside Car in Manhattan


bee-swarmA giant swarm of bees picked a Volvo for its new hive, trapping a family inside their car.

An estimated 10,000 wild honey bees gathered on the passenger side of the car Sunday afternoon as it was parked at Pier 92 on the west side.

The car owner says he and his family tried to drive around to shake off the bees, but when that didn’t work, he ran to get help.
That’s when a police officer, who is also a bee keeper, was called in to vacuum up the swarm.

“You can see where they started to build a nest over there, wax in the mirror and on the side,” said NYPD bee keeper Anthony Planakis. “That’s what they were looking to do, start a new home.”

The driver’s wife and infant daughter were trapped inside until firefighters got them out.

No bees were harmed and they were moved into a new hive.

{CBS Local/ Newscenter}



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