BD”E: Woman Dies After Cardiac Arrest On El Al Flight To Belgium


An elderly woman passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest on an El Al flight earlier today.

El Al flight LY333 was en route to Belgium when it returned to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, after a woman collapsed mid flight. A Hatzolah member on the flight was called to her seat, where he worked nonstop until landing, eventually recovering the woman’s heartbeat.

Upon landing, an ambulance rushed the woman to the nearest hospital where she was taken to the emergency room for immediate treatment. Unfortunately her condition deteriorated and she died a short while later.




  1. הייתי בטיסה, שמולי מרקוביץ מהצלה אנטוורפן ועוד אברך שטרנליכט מבעלזא, עבדו עליה בלי הפסקה, גם היו על הרצפה משך כל הנחיתה, היה באמת קידוש השם

  2. I knew her from a number of years earlier when she used to work in one of the bakery shops here in Antwerp,a very friendly lady,always smiling,really sorry to hear that she was nifteres…..No,she was not a chassidisher lady,but definately a shomeres shabbos,she has a son and a daughter still living here,both fully frum…..May she rest in peace.


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