BDE: Bodies Of Boys Missing In Kinneret Found; Laid To Rest


Two of the three young men who disappeared in the Kinneret last week, Nachman Itach and Liron Karad, were discovered Monday after days of searching.

Nachman Itach was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon in the presence of hundreds of people in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem.

Nachman’s uncle gave a hesped, saying, “Death came in through the window, like a thief. Where did this blow come from? I have already buried a brother and a few nephews. We hope that the Holy One, blessed be He, will stop this decree.

Liron Karadi’s funeral was also held Monday at a cemetery in Or Akiva.

Dozens of volunteers and rescue officials are still conducting searches for Itamar Ohana, who is also believed to have drowned in the stormy weather.

Another body was found in the area in which the searches were focused. The body has been transferred to the police base in Degania but has yet to be identified.




  1. I understand Nachmans uncles pain but that doesn’t give him a right to make such outrageous statements regarding the Aibishter.


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