BBC Guilty Of Anti Israel Bias


The son of US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to criticize the BBC’s reporting of a recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Donald Trump Jr. said the BBC’s headline, “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem” failed to describe how the Palestinian assailants were killed as they attacked civilians and Israeli soldiers.

“You mean after they stabbed a female Israeli police officer to death… right? This is as close to being misleading as possible,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter. Read more at i24NEWS.



    • It was changed after Donald Trump Jr’s criticism. The Trumps are ohev yisroel.

      Not surprising about BBC’s headlines. It’s their normal liberal anti-Israel bigotry.

  1. אם כך, אחרי הפיגוע בלונדון הם היו צריכים לדווח על כך שכוחות צבא בריטיים הרגו שלושה מתושבי לונדון…
    מטומטמים זה לא מילה!!!

  2. I’ve noticed that the less the yirei Shomayim the more he hates law and order, ethics and values, thus, the more hatred of Trump. Hence, G-dless liberals would do anything to assassinate Trump or at least to impeach him. From the 5 “religious” Jewish sites online where people post comments, Matzav has the least Trump hater commentators. Could it be that Matzav editors are behind this interesting phenomenon or is it that it’s mainly yirei Shomayim who post on here?

    • Fool misery. You might want to realize no one human given moment would wish an assassination. Your bad charm is so bad you feed the vitriol that hurts public conduct. History does remove some from office. Trump is not any different than others. If he does not last, let yireh note your wrong role.

      • You might want to consider using a more accurate translation program. It’s difficult (although entertaining) to try to figure out what you really mean, and this of course detracts from the power of your message. The translator you are using makes you sound anti-Trump!

        • Messages are powerful. They ask and require a man to enjoy his day or otherwise the losing mind replies. You did your retort. Power added.


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