Basketball Star LeBron James: ‘No One Wants An Invite’ To The Trump White House


NBA star LeBron James on Tuesday knocked President Trump over the national anthem protest controversy, saying his team would not attend an event at the White House if they win their championship series.

James, who is participating in the NBA finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers, said that neither his team nor the Golden State Warriors want an invitation to a similar event celebrating their teams at the White House.

“I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants an invite anyway. It won’t be Cleveland or Golden State going,” he said, according to USA Today.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Why do people adore this lightweight? Because he can play basketball??? Trump has done way more for the black community that Obuma! (Jobs over welfare) After Obama attacked the police, black on black crime spiraled out of control in Baltimore and Chicago! etc!

    • “Why do people adore this lightweight?” Those who have their brains in their feet think that kicking a ball is way bigger than being accomplishing what President Trump has accomplished.

  2. This big baby ingrate is a nothing. This brainless bag of bones only knows how to put a ball in a hoop when he is wide open. Who does he think he is publicly disparaging the sitting President of the United States? He thinks because he’s black, the Thought Police and their dreaded hate crimes unit, will the duffus alone. It’s a sad day in America.

  3. Gay luck Lebron. Your foundation is building. Silver great.

    Trump is a good target. Go to bed sick. Your tattoos make me do the same.

    Trump has me covered. He made a public statement about the importance to keep your skin. Mi-13 is still a problem and gangs form fast.

    Take your fans and playbook and stop coming up in our holy life to share your drastic vision of humanity. College grads do much better than high school grads in higher office.

    Freaky. A man so big that everyone knows his lovely tattoos. Lobster eating jews are proud. Who is remembering the holocaust?

    The dull day.

  4. Lehavdil bein shaigitz le… I am tinking that the CU grad is going if he is getting invited. Maybe he even wears a kipa

  5. Well, he’s not going to have to worry his pretty little head about turning down the invitation this year. He’ll be lucky if he’s not swept.
    Regarding his political biases, I don’t know why anyone even quotes his or any other athlete’s or actor’s display of stupidity. It’s not based on anything rational or even factual; it’s based on kissing up to a evil twisted left/media/democrat party hellbent on destroying the country and everything it stands for.

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