Barak: ‘Israel Cannot Rely On World To Act Against Iran’


ehud-barakIsrael cannot rely entirely on the world or the U.S. to act against Iran, Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Hayom in a special pre-Yom Kippur interview.

“I hope the world will act against the Iranians and not allow them to have any nuclear capability whatsoever. But to say that we can rely [on the world] 100 percent? I say no,” Barak said during the  Israel Hayom interview, which is to be published in full on Tuesday.

Israel and the Obama administration are at odds over how far to allow the Iranian nuclear program to develop, with Washington saying it will not allow Iran to obtain an actual nuclear weapon, but Israel drawing the line much further back, saying that the Iranian regime cannot be allowed to enrich uranium to weapons grade levels.

On reported disagreements between him and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu over the Iranian threat, Barak told Israel Hayom, “The prime minister and I see eye to eye on the Iranian issue.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Israel needs to have more faith in G-d. Have faith he will be our redeemer and our savior. If G-d is in control and I would think he is, you have your role to play and so does the rest of the planet. You do your thing and G-d will coordinate the result. G-d is with Israel.


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