Baptized Woman Demands Jewish Rights


A Jewish woman from Georgia in the former Soviet Union, who married a Christian and was baptized along with her children, now wants to move to Israel as a Jew under the Law of Return. A 1962 Supreme Court ruling disqualifies a Jew who voluntarily converted to another religion from the Law of Return unless they return to Judaism.

A regional Israeli beis din ruled that her “return to Judaism” must entail a formal renunciation of Christianity including kabbolas mitzvos and tevilah as is customary for repentant apostates. But the Beis Din Hagadol in Yerushalayim disagreed.

In a psak din, the beis din instructed the Interior Ministry to register the woman as a Jew, since she was like a tinok shenishbah (child captured by non-Jews) when she converted. But this was contingent to her committing to stopping church attendance after moving to Israel and associating primarily with Jews.

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  1. Once a Jew always a Jew, even if they sprinkle an entire ocean on her head. She’s Jewish no matter what and should be allowed in Israel.

  2. When you hear the clergy of the conservative and reform claim that the orthodox have no right to define who is a Jew, ask them about a Jew who converted to Christianity. They say that we agree is not Jewish. If you think I am not serious , see what happens when the toeava groups want to march in the Israeli day parade, they say we can’t reject any Jews but ask them if Jews for j can march? The orthodox can’t decide who is Jewish,but they can. Sad.

  3. The so-called “supreme court” would rather bring goyim gemurim into Israel. They always look for excuses not to allow Jews into Israel.

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